Our students are enrolled at the University of Oxford and are funded by the EPSRC, University of Oxford, and our industrial partners and charitable trusts. Restrictions on eligibility set by individual funding bodies apply. Information on eligibility requirements for EPSRC studentships can be found at

Applications for courses offered for admission in 2022-23 will open on 1 September 2021
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Non-UK candidates may be eligible for industrial funding held by the CDT which will be awarded competitively. This would cover full fees and a stipend for living expenses, and candidates will be considered automatically based on their application to the programme. You are encouraged to explore alternative funding options as well, please see for details.

EPA Cephalosporin-Linacre Scholarships

EPA-Cephalosporin-Linacre Scholarships are funded by the EPA Cephalosporin Fund in association with Linacre College. They provide full scholarships for both SABS and Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) students from socio-economic backgrounds that are under-represented in doctoral research. 

Eligibility is assessed on the same basis as for participation in the University of Oxford’s UNIQ+ Graduate Access internship programme. Therefore, to be eligible for these studentships students should have been previously admitted to, or determined to be eligible for admission to UNIQ+, or meet the criteria for admission for UNIQ+ based on socioeconomic information provided during the online application process.

If you who would like to be considered for these scholarships, please indicate your agreement for socio-economic data to be used in assessing your application when submitting the standard CV (used by SABS R³ as well as the DTP, CiC, and NERC programmes).