Our academic training team and doctoral supervisors are drawn from numerous departments across the Medical Sciences Division (MSD) and the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences (MPLS) Division at the University of Oxford

Lists of our current supervisors and their affiliations are shown below along with software they are associated with. 

Academic Supervisors by Research Theme

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Prof Phil Biggin Biochemistry WaterDock, Absolute Binding Free Energy (ABFE) resources, LinTools
Dr Fergus Boyles


Prof Paul Brennan Nuffield Department of Medicine  
Prof Michael Bronstein     Computer Science  
Prof Ismail Ilkan Ceylan Computer Science  
Dr Oliver Crook Statistics  
Prof Charlotte Deane Statistics OPIG suite, e.g. PanDDa, SAbDab  
Prof Jakob Foerster Engineering  
Dr Phil Fowler  Medical Sciences AMyGDA
Dr Chetan Gohil Psychiatry  
Prof Fernanda Duarte Gonzalez Organic Chemistry  
Prof Brian Marsden

Nuffield Department of Medicine


Dr Claire Marks

Prof Garrett M. Morris


AutoDockAutoDockTools (ADT), WaterDock
Dr Matthew Raybould


Prof Yee Whye Teh Statistics  
Prof Frank von Delft Nuffield Department of Medicine TeXRankXChemExplorersoakDBPanDDA, CCF, Fragalysis, Fragalysis-stack, Pipeline, Opentrons
Supervisor Department Software
Prof. Ruth Baker Mathematical Institute Cell-based CHASTE, IbNumericsPaper, MCSTracker
Dr Joshua Bull Mathematical Institute  
Prof. Helen Byrne Mathematical Institute CHASTE, Microvessel CHASTE
Prof. Mark Coles     Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology SPARTAN, ASPASIA, ARTOO/
Dr Mohit Dalwadi    Mathematical Institute  
Prof David Eyre     Big Data Institute  
Prof. Eamonn Gaffney Mathematical Institute  
Prof. David Gavaghan     Computer Science CHASTE, PINTS
Prof. Alain Goriely     Mathematical Institute  
Prof Caroline Hartley     Paediatrics  
Prof. Antoine Jérusalem     Engineering Neurite, OxFEMM
Dominic Kelly     Paediatrics and Vaccinology  
Dr Ben Lambert Statistics  
Prof. Philip Maini       Mathematical Institute CHASTE
Prof. Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy NDORMS  
Professor Vidit Nanda  Mathematical Institute  
Prof. James Oliver     Mathematical Institute  
Dr Joe Pitt-Francis     Computer Science CHASTE
Dr Martin Robinson     Computer Science  
Dr Daniel Royston     Radcliffe Department of Medicine  
Dr Ruben Sanchez-Garcia     Mathematical Institute  
Prof. Sarah Waters     Mathematical Institute CHASTE
Prof. Aidong Yang     Engineering  
Prof. Cathy Yee     Engineering  
Supervisor Department Software
Dr Vicente Grau     Engineering Geradus
Dr Rezvan Farahibozorg Clinical Neurosciences  
Dr Muhammad Jamaludin     Engineering  
Prof. Saad Jbabdi     Clinical Neurosciences  
Dr. Timor Kadir     Engineering  
Dr Frederik Lange     Clinical Neurosciences  
Dr Daniel McGowan     Oncology  
Dr Ana Namburete     Engineering  
Prof. Alison Noble     Engineering  
Prof Bartek Papiez     Big Data Institute  
Dr Kirubin Pillay     Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging  
Prof. Jens Rittscher     Engineering  
Dr Rebeccah Slater     Paediatrics   
Prof. Steve Smith     Clinical Neurosciences FSL
Prof. Mark Woolrich     Psychiatry FSL
Prof. Amy Zavatsky     Engineering  
Prof. Andrew Zisserman     Engineering